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juice cleanse blueprint 3day

So yes, I did a juice cleanse this week. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this so I’m going to answer many of them here:

Why are you doing a juice cleanse?
I’ve been a little out of control with eating and needed a “reset” – I needed a conscious break to set myself straight.

What cleanse are you doing? How does it work?
I did a purchased cleanse by Blueprint and I bought the juices ahead of time from Whole Foods in my area. You can also get these at Safeway or have them delivered to you (P.S. They are EXPENSIVE). There are 6 different juices that you drink each day for 3 days in a specific order. I did the “Renovation” cleanse (easiest) which included 2 “green” juices, a pineapple/apple/mint, a lemon/cayenne/agave, a beet/apple/ginger/lemon, and a cashew/vanilla/cinnamon/agave. There are other sequences which include more “green” juice that you can choose.

So you mean you drank only juice for 3 days? No snacks?

Was it hard?
Surprisingly no. I thought it would be a lot harder than it turned out to be. I was NEVER hungry. In fact, the first day I felt really “full” of juice and it was hard to finish all of them.

How do you feel?
I feel good. I don’t feel like it has changed my life or I have a ton of energy or anything like that. I suppose I feel a bit better than I did before I started. What I’m most excited about is that I am 100% not craving sweets or starches. The food I want is like a salad. And today when I woke up and could have had anything I wanted technically, you know what I went for? A green juice to start my day off.

Did you lose weight?
I did lose a few pounds but that’s not why I was doing this. Because I know there isn’t a magic bullet and you can just drink juice for 3 days and lose 15 pounds and then keep it off. I needed to set my mind straight. Losing a couple L-Bs was a great benefit and I’ll take it.

The best part of this cleanse for me is that it helped me really think about my actions during the day, how much I just shove food in my mouth when I’m bored or wanting to avoid doing something else, or feeling a certain way. Not being hungry while doing the cleanse really helped me be able to focus on that aspect of how I choose to eat. I don’t know if that makes sense. And I didn’t want to just binge when I was done which is a super bonus. I will say that the green juice that came with the cleanse was horrible for me. Out of the 6 I was supposed to drink in 3 days, I only drank 4 and a half of them. For the last one, I bought the ingredients and customized my own green juice to my taste. I hate cucumber and the Blueprint juice is heavy on the cucumber taste so I was literally chugging it and then chasing it with one of the other juices. All of the other juices were good. My favorite was the pineapple/apple/mint!


+Finishing the juice cleanse! Boom.
+Our new portable air conditioner has been VERY useful this week!
+Podcast recording day with Chamonix and getting to chat about business and break down struggles we’re having. Always fun!


+That darn green juice I had to drink – I’m so glad I decided to just make my own.


+The money I spent on the juice cleanse that I probably could have DIY’d – but I don’t have a juicer so for me to make juice in the blender is possible but it’s a production. You can do it for a lot cheaper if you have a juicer.


+Cute doggie friends that keep me company every day, yummy juices I actually liked drinking, adorable boys that make me laugh, and funny friends.


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