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The Best Wildlife Photos Or The Year

by Cheryl Ford
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The best wildlife photos capture stunning moments so that you are able to see animals in a new light. Wildlife photography gives us new knowledge of the natural world, and gets some amazing sceneries and moments on camera. Here are some of the best photos of the year!

I. Best Wildlife Camera Photos

Owls spotted resting in pipes in India.

Andrew Lee was finding it difficult to snap a photo of this owl family as they were never at the same place. Unexpectedly, however, one day he managed to capture the owls as they suddenly looked at him with wide-eyes. The magnificent photo was taken using a Nikon 300mm ƒ2.8G ED lens, one of the best Nikon lens for wildlife photos.

A lion takes a drink while taking a break from hunting for prey.

Sergio Marijuán Campuzano captured these Iberian lynx kittens playing in a haylot in Spain. The photo was featured among others in the best nat geo wildlife photos.

At the Ol Pejeta animal conservation site in northern Kenya, Joseph Wachira is photographed comforting Sudan, the world’s last white rhino. Sudan died due to old age, surrounded by those who had loved and taken care of him.

II. World’s Best Wildlife Photos That Will Leave You Stunned

The world’s best wildlife photos require patience and excellent timing. These are some of the most stunning wildlife photos.

Best Wildlife Photos Of All Time

In this photo, a male pied kingfisher, commonly seen in Africa and Asia, can be seen fighting off a competitor to win the attention of female kingfishers.

In Western Australia, the Great Sandy Desert, this long nosed dragon makes use of man-made structures when the need arises.  The photo was taken on the best lens for close up wildlife photos, the Nikon D850+ 80–400mm f4.5–5.6G lens.

A polar bear goes for a dip in the ocean. Captured by the author using a Sony RX100 VII, one of the best cameras for wildlife photos

You can find these Japanese warbonnet in the Sea of Japan. They were once considered to be shy and almost difficult to find, but thanks to curiosity they now sometimes swim straight up to divers. The image was taken on the best digital camera for wildlife photos, the Nikon D800.

This image was captured in Soknedal, Norway. Taken in the early hours of the day, the picture shows a male and female Capercaillie interacting at the lake.

Prepare To Be Amazed - The Best Wildlife Photos Ever

The art of taking photos that are considered among the best wildlife photos is a skill that takes many people years to conquer. The equipment that is used plays an important role in the result of the images you take. Here are some amazing shots that were taken with the right camera settings!

Featured among the best nat geo wildlife photos, this image was taken on the shore of the Kariba reservoir. Since it was the dry season, hundreds of animals gathered there. In the green banks, deers, cows, giraffes, and this elephant were seen grazing.

This photo was taken on the best lenses for wildlife photos, the Canon 7D Mark II. In the image, a pair of Tufted Ducks photographed flying on the Padma River in Bangladesh.

While walking in the Loro Park’s Katandra Treetops, Santiago Lopez spotted this Gura, and captured this photo through a tele-zoom lens.

A fox is photographed in Moscow, Russia. The photo was taken using the best lens for close up wildlife photos, the Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 II.

These monkeys were photographed taking a bath in the hot springs of the Jigokudani Yaen Koen national park in Japan.

III. 30 Best Wildlife Photos That Are Breath Taking

These photos show just how beautiful and diverse the animal kingdom really is.

Best Wildlife Photos Black and White

Taken in the snow, Darío Podestá captured these penguins using his Canon EOS 7D. The photo was featured in the best nat geo wildlife photos under the best black and white category.

A buffalo portrait taken using the Canon EOS 5D, the best lens for close up wildlife photos.

A seagull feeding its babies, taken in Newcastle, Australia.

A monkey rests on a tree top in the Amazon rainforest.

A fox rests on a tree branch, taken by a Ricoh GR III, one of the best digital cameras for wildlife photos.

Featured in national geographic wildlife photos, this photo captures two lowland gorillas in New York City.

Best Wildlife Photos Ever Taken

Julie Malherbe, a wildlife rescuer is photographed taking a call while looking after three orphaned flying foxes with gray heads. These mega bats are found in Australia and are restricted to the forested regions of the south-east, playing a crucial role in the dispersal of seeds and the pollination of over a hundred native flowering and fruit-bearing tree species. Due to the loss of forest land and change in climate, the species is reported as susceptible to extinction.

African wild dogs playing with their morning ‘breakfast’.

A kingfisher resting on a rusty metal rod at the opening of a sewerage outlet

A rook enjoying a smoke bath on a chimney pot. Captured using a Nikon D5, one of the best cameras for wildlife photos

A pack of elephants photographed during twilight in Botswana.

Andy Parkinson watched these hares in the harsh weather conditions and winds of more than 40 mph. This hare adjusted into a spherical shape to keep itself warm and Andy got the shot on his Canon EOS-1DX Mark II, the best camera for wildlife photos.

Vegard Lodoen took this photo of the deer of Valldal using a 16-35mm f/2.8 lens of Canon, one of the best lenses for wildlife photos.

Best Wildlife Action Photos

A kangaroo jumps to safety after a quick dip in the pool.

Two giraffes are spotted having a fight. Captured using a AF-S Nikkor. 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 G ED VR., the best Nikon lens for wildlife photos.

A fish is captured ‘flying’ through the sea.

Two bears are spotted fighting with each other.

A panda enjoying some snacks.

A bear about to attack its prey.

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