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I have favorite parts of weddings. I love the first kiss, a first look, the father-daughter dances. Those are all special small moments that I can capture on my camera. But the one thing about weddings that I think I find most enriching for me is the ceremony. While I’m quietly stalking around getting different angles and big shots of the ceremony space and the mother of the bride dabbing away her tears, I am listening. I listen to wedding ceremonies intently. I hear what is being said and I take so much away from that part of a wedding day. Some wedding ceremonies are light and fun, some are serious and solemn and it doesn’t matter which type of ceremony is it, I always, always come away with something.

The last wedding I was at, I was second shooting for the lovely Cassie Pepper. The ceremony was officiated by the groom’s cousin and much of it was light and fun. And then she read this super sweet poem that I spent about 3 hours looking for on the internet the next day. I’m not a poetry girl by nature and a lot of times when a poem is read I start to hear the parents and teachers from Charlie Brown. But this was so sweet and simple and such a lovely picture of the future for a newly married couple.


The Future – by Emma Salmon

In my future I see you and me,
And a house and garden filled with trees.

I see dinner parties surrounded by friends,
And a vegetable patch we love to tend.

I see cosy nights in front of the fire,
And a four-poster bed for when we tire.

I see our kitchen which will be the heart of the home,
And a Victorian bath brimming with foam.

I see muddy wellies by the front door,
And the kids eating cookies and asking for more.

I see nights in the garden camping under the stars,
And shelves full of mismatching local jam jars.

I see family picnics outside with the dog,
And a little blue shed containing the logs.

I see us sat by the window watching the snow,
And reading the papers and learning to grow.

I see pictures of family in quirky frames,
And letters on the kids’ doors spelling out their names.

I see laughter, pain, kisses and tears,
And helping each other to confront our fears.

I see you as my friend and also my lover,
Your confidant and your children’s mother.

I see a wonderful future for you and I,
And it’s cloaked in love until we die.

As many people know, I am a TOTAL sap at wedding ceremonies and this poem had me wiping away tears while I continued shooting and hoping my focusing system wouldn’t turn it’s back on me.

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