Rings in 30 Minutes

Capturing all of the details is a major part of wedding photography. The details can add so much to the story of a wedding day. The shoes, the flowers, decorations, jewelry, invitations, candles . . . and rings. And this is a super fun part of wedding photography for me. I have a new challenge for myself. A photography practice assignment if you will. Pick a detail item and try to get 30 different, unique shots within 30 minutes. Doesn’t sound that hard; right?

WRONG. It’s actually really hard. Assignment #1 – Rings.

I took my wedding rings and tried to get 30 shots in 30 minutes. I set the timer on my phone and ran around my house, trying to get creative. GO! Not a complete fail. I got 18 great shots in 30 minutes, 66% – what’s that? A C-? When I put it that way, doesn’t sound so great. But I adore these images and I would be proud to show them to a bride and groom.

This will be a continuing series . . . called “30 in 30” and I’ll be posting all of my 30 in 30 sessions. Next up will be shoes and I have this a-mazing pair of crystal-covered, open-toed heels that are going to be so fun to shoot.



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