Cheryl’s Round Up 3.1 – It’s Back After a Hiatus!

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Round Up is Back! I really do love this feature of my blog. I round up a bunch of things that have happened in my life: the good, the bad, the ugly and things I’m grateful for and tie it all up in a neat little update bow. I won’t be doing a weekly round up anymore – it will be every other week on Fridays. It really does feel good to be back to blogging and I’m putting together a nice little blogging calendar and have plans for some fun posts and series that I think you will find fun and informative. I’m really trying to put more of myself out there in the world which is difficult because I tend to be a little reserved. People who know me really well wouldn’t say that but with new people I am for sure.


  • Hanging out at Tara’s House – watching Susan Stripling wedding photographer videos and chatting about our photography businesses. It’s always so helpful. Whenever I’m struggling with something in my business, I find that the best people to talk to are people in the same boat. And I love trying to help others solve the problems they have as well. I don’t think of these people as competition. I want them to succeed as well. And as someone said sometime and I can’t remember who that was – “A rising tide lifts all boats.”
  • So many “dates” with friends for dinners and drinks in the past couple weeks: dinner w/Chamonix, drinks w/Vanessa, dinner w/Brad+Wendy, Mother’s Day Brunch w/Jaime+Vanessa (sad it was only a 4.5 hour brunch – I prefer 7 hour brunches).
  • Sleeping better. I have struggled with sleep for about 8 years and did as well a long time ago. But with some help from my new Sleep Medicine Doctor, I’m sleeping like a baby. Seeing a Sleep Medicine Doctor was not really what I expected but it was better than I expected. I expected he was going to be all don’t have a tv in your bedroom and do these breathing exercises. He was able to diagnose my issues pretty quickly and prescribed a medication that is working pretty darn well for me after I got through the first couple weeks.


  • Target Trip which I normally LOVE. This one yesterday was filled a million annoyances: At least 9 Target employees asked me if I needed help finding anything within about 45 minutes time. How many people should be out and about asking people that? Not every single employee on the floor. Overkill! Crying babies everywhere – I mean everywhere – and moms not doing a thing to try to console them. A woman talking SO loud on her phone and basically following me around everywhere I went. I couldn’t get away from her. And a guy who gave his kid a ball to play with while they were shopping. The kid kept throwing it onto the ground. The third time, the guy just left the ball rolling down the baking aisle and never went to pick it up. What’s wrong with people? Those were just a few of the things that made me want to push my cart aside and walk right out. There is an upside to the Target trip . . . First, I got one of those cool drink holders for my cart at Starbucks. They hardly ever have those. I got some new “cute” flip flops. Normally I just buy cheap-o ones from Old Navy for like $2. And best one: I found some of the cutest red, white and blue America-themed items to be used for Memorial Day and 4th of July this year: Straws, glow necklaces, glow American Flags, Koozies, bowls, pinwheels, lanterns! So much fun. Can’t wait for the next 2 holidays.


  • Realizing that up until last week, I’ve only blogged 3 times in 2015. Get ready for that to change!
  • Silly things can make me extremely happy. The dates for the past week – 5/15/15 = 51515 or 5/5/13/15 = 51315 etc. – have made me chuckle all week.


  • These beautiful, warm, sunny days on the weekends and being able to bring out the summer furniture for the deck. I’m always cold these days so I look forward to the warmer weather – which is totally opposite from what I would have said 10 years ago.
  • My dogs (one smart and one not) have learned to use a new doggie door which will hopefully limit the amount of dirt they can track into the house. And that means we got rid of the doggie door in my office that let in a lot of cold air and made my toes cold all the time.

Coming Up: This weekend I have so many fun things coming up. We’re celebrating my father-in-law’s 70th birthday and my brother-in-law’s 40th birthday (and real talk, probably some other birthdays or something) tonight at El Gaucho in Seattle . . . BEST RESTAURANT EVER! We are even getting a private room, holla! I’m second shooting a wedding on Saturday in Bellingham with one of my favorite fellow photographers, Cassie Pepper. I love working with her. And next week I’m shooting a styled wedding shoot up at Rattlesnake Lake that will be so so so fun!

Until next time . . . peace out.

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