Weekly Roundup 2.6 :: Professional Headshots

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Janice is my niece and is an actress. She even like graduated college with a degree in acting (BFA). She’s legit. Anywho, I got to take some headshots for her last week and I’m in love with these images so I had to share them on my Weekly Roundup. We used a ginormous softbox right in front of her and above her head, pointing down toward her and a giant silver reflector on her lap for these images. I love the catchlights in her eyes – Makes her eyes really SPARKLE! Then we got to go out to dinner and have some girl talk time which is always fun.


+My weekend was amazing. We went to see Jerry Seinfeld on Friday night in Seattle. The kids, my in-laws, Sean’s sister and her husband and I all went. Unfortunately, Sean was sick and couldn’t go this time. Poor baby. Then we literally had nothing else going on all weekend. Sean was still recovering from being sick so we watched a ton of movies and I worked on some design-y stuff for my business. Loved every minute of it.
+Made cookies this week! I love making cookies. It’s Valentine’s Day today and while we are super not Valentine’s Day celebrators (like we don’t even buy each other cards), I do like to make a special treat for the family and maybe some other special people! Really I’ll take any excuse to make and decorate cookies. Bonus I got to hang out with a friend visiting from Prague while we decorated cookies!
+I got some good news this week that is making me super happy but that I have been told not to share yet. I hate that!


+Every single time I have a dentist appointment, I try to talk myself into cancelling it or rescheduling it – really just pushing it back. I spent a lot of time this week thinking about rescheduling my appointment but ended up just going. I really have issues with the dentist, which is a long story I’ll tell you someday.
+I ate like 8 cookies yesterday. It started with breakfast. Yep, I ate cookies for breakfast. Then I just couldn’t stop all day.
+I had my first product I’ve ordered for a client ever come back not right that was my fault. I ordered an album for a family session and a few of the pages didn’t have the retouched images and the little boy had a pretty big boo-boo on his chin. I was so MAD at myself and used it as an excuse to have another cookie. Then saw the silver lining that now I have a new sample album.


+This week was just a pretty ordinary week. Sadly I didn’t find myself feeling gratitude for anything in particular like I normally do. I guess I can say that I’m grateful for just normalcy in my life. There’s no drama. There’s just life being good to me and my family. Like!

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