Weekly Roundup 2.31 :: Manresa Castle Ghost Hunting

Seattle Wedding & Portrait Photographer: Cheryl Ford Photography

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It was the perfect setting for ghosts. If I was a ghost, that’s where I would live. It’s spooky, old, quiet. But during our stay at the Manresa Castle in Port Townsend this week, we saw, felt and heard nothing the resembled a real ghost or spirit or haunting. Not like we have any fancy equipment or think we’re really ghost hunters. It’s kind of a fun thing my best friend, Wendy, and I do every once in a while. Go to some place that is supposed to be haunted, have some wine, wander around and hope we’ll get spooked (but not really). The Manresa was very cool though. Super old with lots of neat touches throughout the whole property. It’s not a 5-star hotel by any stretch but if you’re looking for a place with a lot of character and the potential to get spooked, it’s not a bad place to go.


+I second shot 3 weddings last weekend. What an experience. That is a lot of love and photos packed into a small time frame. It was wonderful though to get to share in these wonderful days with brides and grooms.
+Spending a day and evening with Wendy, being silly, having real talk, eating snacks and drinking wine. I love those times with her. Then double-bonus I got to have lunch with her yesterday too!
+Going out with some friends last night for my birthday. It was so fun to hang out, chat, meld some of my different friend groups. Super thanks to those who came out to celebrate with me.


+About 8:30 Sunday night, 6-7 hours into wedding #3 of the weekend, my feet were like so mad at me. So mad. They hurt. BAD.


+When I got home from said wedding #3 on Sunday night, I sat down on the couch and actually didn’t think I could get up. Monday morning I could barely think I was so tired. My brain was on super low power. Went over to my hairdresser’s to get a trim and she asked me if I had been doing anything fun this summer. I couldn’t even think of anything. Finally she says, “Have you seen any movies?” and I was like oh yeah, I went to the movies. My brain so needed a vacation.


+Beautiful weddings, the Space Needle peeking up through some buildings, a much needed pedicure Monday morning, getting a replacement camera strap in 1 day when mine broke, a fun evening with a best friend, funny sayings you send to a friend, an engagement photo that makes my heart sing, the best birthday card ever, and flowers from a friend on your birthday.

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