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How many showers does it take to get the “campfire” smell of camping out of your hair? That’s not a riddle. I’m serious! How many because I swear my hair still smells like camping. It’s all worth it of course. I grew up camping. Every weekend as a kid my family would set out for some campground somewhere. I’m not even sure my parents had any idea where they were going sometimes. I think we just picked a direction and drove. Now this was a LONG time ago when you didn’t make your camping reservations a year in advance online. You just rolled up to a campground, paid your $5 to a little mailbox and camped. I feel like I have camping in my blood. But it does feel like it’s getting a bit less awesome. Tent camping is a bunch of work. Setting everything up, digging everything out of a tub every time you need it – a napkin, a can opener, the Red Vines. Just digging and digging, not ever knowing where anything is. It wears me down. So on the 2nd night of our 3-night camping trip, it was suggested at about 8:00 p.m. that maybe we should just go home that night rather than staying over another night and then having to pack up first thing in the morning when we were tired and cold. 40 minutes later we were on the road home, to my warm, soft bed (not full of sand courtesy of the dogs), a hot shower and the ability to just open a cupboard knowing exactly where the Red Vines are.


+Camping with our friends, the Adamses, who we’ve remarkably never camped with before. We really did have a great time. Both of their kids, one with a broken leg and the other with a broken hand, were such troopers on the trip. It was a weekend of laughter and completely silliness . . . that’s real life.
+A quiet walk on the beach on Friday morning with the boys and our dogs. For some reason I woke up thinking it was 9:15 but it was actually 5:46 (don’t ask). What else are you going to do but go walk on the beach. The tide was way out and it was simply beautiful.
+Why is camping food so good? Why are pancakes when you’re out camping 25 times better than pancakes at home? And then we added blueberries and it was ridiculous. Or spaghetti . . . oh how I love to eat spaghetti while camping. Maybe it’s because you have to work so hard for it.


+Camping neighbors can really be a downer. People that yell at their kids or dogs or are just generally unpleasant, not my favorite.
+Stupid cell phone running out of battery and not being able to communicate with the world. I mean it’s not the worst, but I prefer to have communication available.


+Blew at least 3 fuses in my car trying to inflate an air mattress with the new power inverter I bought. Evidently the highest wattage the car can handle is 120 and I bought a 500. Woops.


+A jolly ride to Westport with my family, bacon and eggs for breakfast while camping, an amazing engagement photo shoot Sunday night and free guacamole at Qdoba on my burrito!


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  • Wendy Carter AdamsAugust 2, 2014 - 2:47 pm

    It was wonderful to have quality time camping with the Fords! I think I finally got the smoke smell our of my hair yesterday:).ReplyCancel