Weekly Roundup 2.26 :: 4th of July Fun

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It’s a new Ford tradition. Bandanas for all of the dogs for every holiday. For some reason right before 4th of July I got this “idea” I couldn’t let go of that all of our collective dogs (four of them) NEEDED 4th of July bandanas. For me this didn’t feel like a luxury. This was imperative. I went to 3 different stores looking for them and wound up getting some fabric and cutting it into squares because remember, imperative! But they were so flipping fun and cute and festive and the dogs liked them so much we have decided that every major holiday (and I mean really, probably the minor ones too) warrant new matching festive bandanas for the dogs. I mean, come on. Do you see these guys? Their matching flair made me happy all day. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving (they can wear their patriotic bandanas for labor day, I refuse to celebrate Halloween, so Thanksgiving is the next one).


+Super fun dinner with our new good friends, Vanessa & Ryan last Saturday night. We’ve known them for years through our kids but just recently have gotten to know them better and always have 4 million laughs when we’re together. Maybe we were having too much fun at the restaurant because a couple of ladies having dinner near us asked to be moved. Woops 🙂
+Pedicures and lunch with Rikki last Sunday. ALWAYS, ALWAYS so nice to see my dear friend.
+Had an amazing experience second shooting for Amanda Lloyd Photography yesterday. We had such a great day and I adored working with this talented lady.
+4th of July with my family was insane. We have determined that we dolphinately (intentionally spelled that way) need our own reality TV show. We are a ridiculous bunch. Ridiculous!


+Sleep, why do you hate me? Even with deep breathing and relaxation techniques, even with a sleeping pill, I still only got maybe 4 hours of sleep Thursday and Friday nights while at my in-laws. Then got up Saturday morning at 6:00 a.m. to second shoot a 10-hour wedding. Suffice it to say I am SUPER tired today. SUPER.


+The level of fullness I felt after ribs, potato salad and strawberry shortcake on 4th of July was not good. Moderation is not my strongest attribute.
+Jaime and I talked about the food we were going to eat on 4th of July for days ahead of time. We were texting each other “I can’t wait to eat potato salad!” – We have problems.


+Walks with friends, dogs in bandanas, boys in scarves praying that the U.S. would beat Belgium in the World Cup, beagles sleeping in funny positions, family laughter, & fun in the kitchen on 4th of July.


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    We really do have a problem . . . but we’re also awesome!!ReplyCancel