Weekly Motto :: Not Growing Up

motto i don't want to be an adult growing up
When I saw this quote, I had to laugh out loud. There are days when I definitely feel like not growing up. Going back to being a kid, not having any responsibilities, not running my own business and working every day to make it successful. Not having to figure out what to make for dinner every single night. Not having to pay bills and do laundry (actually, my husband does the laundry), not having to go grocery shopping and teach my teen-aged son how to DRIVE! Growing up stinks sometimes. I want to sleep in, have someone else cook for me, ride my bike around the neighborhood all day and watch cartoons all Saturday morning.

I think I’ll pull out my Precious Moments coloring book this week and buy myself a new box of crayons (seriously, what is better than a brand-new box of crayons) and spend a little time coloring. My sister-in-law and I do that sometimes. I think I need it!

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