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My last Top 10 List featured my Top 10 Movies. Now it’s time for the Worst. Unfortunately, I couldn’t just limit the list to 10 this time. There are 13 and even that required a great deal of restraint. I realize I have strange taste, but you’ll see that my previous statement that I don’t like “Too much sci-fi, too many costumes, bad acting, horrible adaptation of the book, anything having to do with Clint Eastwood.” holds true here.

I know I’m going to catch some heat for this list of the worst movies. Of course, this is just my opinion. But it’s important to remember, that my opinion is right. 🙂  Agree? Disagree? What’s on your list?

(In alphabetical order.)

This movie definitely goes in the “too many costumes” category. All the makeup and special effects are lost on me. And the story was stolen from Dances with Wolves.

I just didn’t get it. What was the point of this movie? Weird.

Seriously, don’t get me started on this “Oscar Winning Film”. Unbelievable. I still get physically angry when I think about this winning Best Picture. I get your message, you stood high up on your soap box and shoved it down my throat the whole movie.

Sci-Fi . . . need I say more? Also a bit preachy on their “message.”

If I put these in order, this would be tied at the top of the list with Crash. Even my kids hated this movie.

Costumes, fantasy, dark spaces, battles, Middle Earth. No thanks.

I’ve already put myself out there by saying that I don’t like Clint Eastwood. I think what I hated most about this movie was that I felt like it was the ultimate Clint Eastwood indulgence. I don’t know how to explain it.

You can’t argue if you saw this movie, that it’s just BAD. BAD. BAD. BAD.

Pirates . . .

Maybe I needed to see this movie when it actually came out to appreciate it. What I hate most about this movie is how everyone else thinks it’s SOOOOO funny.

I put Star Wars on my list and I stand by it. I hate all things Star Wars (except putting together Lego sets but, come on, I would love putting together ANY Lego sets).

Story, BAD. Acting, BAD. Special effects, BAD. Just BAD.

The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood is one of many films adapted from novels that have just pissed me off. This is the worst of them BY FAR. FAR! It’s like the screenwriters, actors, directors, producers, assistants, craft services, hair and make up, every person involved in the making of the film didn’t ACTUALLY read the book. My question is and has always been . . . how can you say hey, this is a great book, we should make a movie. And then change EVERYTHING about the book when you make the film??? That’s my question. Ya-Ya Sisterhood is the epitome of completely changing the entire spirit of a novel. OK, enough ranting.

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