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Continuing the Top 10 Series: Vacation. The holidays are just over and I’m ready for a vacation. Who’s not ready for a vacation though really? I’ve made a list of my top 10 vacations to share. Aside from Hawaii always being at the top of the list, the rest are not in any particular order.

1. Hawaii :: The end-all, be-all place to vacation in my book. The air smells different in Hawaii. It gives me a calmness in my soul no other place can. People tell me ALL the time that I couldn’t live there, that I would go crazy and be bored. I say Challenge Extended? Challenge Accepted. I want to go there now.


2. San Diego :: What a great city with so many fun things to do. Here’s a tip – if you are going to the zoo, go at like 5:00 at night. People are flooding out of that place and you end up with the park all to yourselves.


3. Washington D.C. :: I really thought D.C. would be a bit boring but I loved it all. I could have stood slightly cooler temperatures (like the day I literally felt like I was walking around in an oven), but it was such a great city.


4. Ocean Camping :: Point blank, I love the ocean, particularly here in the Northwest. There is something about it that is rooted deep, deep in my childhood. When I die, I will be cremated and my ashes spread at the ocean (is that even legal?).


5. Colorado :: Bradfest 2012 (that is when you go to Colorado to celebrate the 40th birthday of your friend, Brad). Amazing time with the most amazing people. I cried on the plane coming home from this trip. It hurts my heart a little more each time I have to say good-bye to my Colorado friends.


6. Vegas :: Typically with most or at least some of these kids. We always have a great time (well except for that time that the waiter spilled wine on my dress and everyone at the table thought that my head would explode). Not great times friends. I’ve come a long way.


7. Vancouver B.C. :: As annoying as it is to cross the border into Canada, Vancouver is such a beautiful city and I remember this trip when my boys were so little with such warmth.


8. Disneyland :: Who doesn’t love Disneyland? I can’t handle how much I love Disneyland. There is a photo out there somewhere in the universe of me holding a Mickey Mouse pancake just like this one of my son, Chase.


9. Reno :: Doesn’t sound right does it? Best vacation? Reno? Seriously? That can’t be right. Seriously? YES! We have gone to Reno each year for the past few years for March Madness and we have the BEST time hanging out and watching basketball. I highly recommend the Reno Grand Sierra. Fun place! And they have a bowling alley, a Johnny Rockets AND a Round Table Pizza.


10 San Francisco :: I never laughed so much in such a short period of time as I did on my 40th Birthday trip to San Francisco with my best-est friends in 2011. There was enough silliness for 25 people in our little group of 5. Happiest Birthday ever.

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  • Chamonix Thurston-RattueJanuary 25, 2013 - 7:07 pm

    Fun fun fun! Hawaii is my favouritest! 😀 xoxoReplyCancel