Sunset :: Before & After

This week has been distracting. I’m reorganizing, refocusing, and getting ready to MSH (make sh*t happen). So I haven’t posted anything all week, except for a few Instagram photos (if you didn’t see the one of Annie this week, you are missing out).

But last night, the sunset was ridiculous. The sky was lighting up. My husband said, “If only we knew someone who could take some photos of this.” If only! Guilt set in and I lugged my tired butt down the 7 stairs to my studio to get my camera and, boy howdy, am I ever glad I did. Here’s just one I took from our back deck. I’ m showing the SOOC (straight out of the camera) and the edit mostly because it’s fun but also to show you how amazing this image was before I even futzed with it. I did a few tweaks in Lightroom but it really didn’t need much.


I needed this sunset. It was the proverbial stop and smell the flowers moment for me this week to notice and appreciate the world around me. To get my face away from the computer screen and take a deep breath.

Now back to work. Have a great Friday!!

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