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Let me tell you a little story about business strategy. It starts with the career that I had before I started my photography business. I’m still involved with that company as a part-owner and board member and work about 20 hours a month for them. It’s not a lot but it keeps me connected to that company.


Playing to Win – Business Strategy

As part of our business strategy sessions through that company, we explored the book Playing to Win – How Strategy Really Works by A.G Lafley and Roger L. Martin. This book is about creating a business strategy to WIN. Not to just play but to win!  Not a business plan, not a marketing plan. A Strategy, which is a set of choices you make about your business, your priorities, why you’re in business, etc. Strategy is just that; choices. It’s about who and what you are. Once you create your Strategy, then everything you do from that point on relates back to those choices you’ve made.

I was so inspired by the process outlined in this book and the amazing sessions we were having at my old company that I applied this Strategy creation to my photography business. It took some time but I finally created a Business Strategy for my little ole photography business.

It’s easy as a photographer to go on tangents with your business. You’re your own boss and don’t answer to anyone but yourself. Having a Strategy keeps you on track and in line with your business vision, what you want to be doing, where you want to be going.


Making Hard Decisions

During the course of this Strategy creation process, I made the choice to focus my business primarily on Weddings with Engagements and Couples sessions. My true passion lives in this genre of photography. So why focus on other stuff? Here are just a few of the many decisions I made for my business.

  1. Focusing business on weddings.
  2. Defining what winning is to me – a fully booked calendar of weddings each year – 30-40 would be a sweet spot for me.
  3. I’m going to win by providing consistent work, having fast turnaround, impeccable service, and a high-end experience for my clients.

Making these decisions alone led me down a rabbit hole the likes you’ve never seen. Since I made that decision, I have rebranded my business and built a whole new website and blog. It was a horrifyingly difficult process. The branding was tough and then coming up with my online presence, wow, that was even tougher. It took me about 5 months to get through all that. There were so many times I wanted to quit, felt like it was too hard, and felt overwhelmed and incompetent but I made my way through it. Real talk: I think I had at least 10 different website designs that somehow weren’t right. And through this process I was really absent from blogging and not really doing much social media engagement.


New Beginnings & An Inspirational Quote

So now that’s all done, I’m back! Working hard to book weddings, engagement & couples sessions. I will also be doing occasional family sessions for past clients and mini sessions in the fall. But my focus is primarily on weddings.

So what better way to kick off my new brand, new strategy and new online presence than with an inspirational quote. I do believe in new beginnings. Sometimes you just get to a point where you know you have to follow a new path and that’s just what I did.

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