Luther Burbank Park – Couples Session – Mercer Island

Annette and Justin met me on a sunny Sunday afternoon at Luther Burbank Park for a couples session. Luther Burbank is one of my favorite places to shoot!

We had a lovely afternoon shooting in the amphitheater, by the admin building and down by the docks. We just had a short session but we covered a lot of ground. I work quickly, especially in a time crunch.

I love that Annette went and had her hair and makeup done. It makes such a huge difference in these sessions. You really feel special and all dolled up and adds a confidence to the way you behave. 5 stars for Annette! She looked beautiful.

TIP: When you get your makeup done for a session, it’s important to make sure your makeup artist knows that it’s for a photography session. Ask for “camera-ready” makeup. I learned this from my good friend and amazing Makeup Artist, Hanna Mazur.

Couples Sessions Are the Best!

Annette & Justin are already married, but they took the time to get some special photos taken of just the two of them in a Couples Session. Not many people do this but I think they should! Enjoy!

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Getting the Shot

Getting in front of the camera can be awkward. I got this next shot by asking Annette and Justin to embrace and talk and smile at each other. Oh, and pretend I wasn’t there for a minute. Then I stepped back and caught their expressions. The adoration for each other is so genuine and moving. It makes me grin from ear to ear when I can get these real interactions from my couples.

couple under arbor luther burbank park couples photographer


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