French Creek Estates Wedding :: Margaret+Andrew

French Creek Estates Wedding :: Margaret+Andrew

This French Creek Estates Wedding in Snohomish, Washington was a delight. Super huge thanks to Lloyd Photographers for bringing this Associate Wedding* to me.

First, Margaret+Andrew were about the kindest, sweetest couple I’ve ever worked with. They rolled through the whole day without a single moment of stress. The whole day was planned out perfectly and their hard work really showed in how well the day went.

Second, I LOVE French Creek Estates in Snohomish. French Creek is one of my favorite venues. Most noteworth, the large house on the property is perfect for the bridal party to get ready. The Bridal Room is simply gorgeous with lots of large windows and beautiful light. French Creek Estates has a front lawn that can be used for a cocktail hour and a wrap-around porch on the house with a porch swing. Also a lawn surrounded in the back by gardens is perfect for ceremonies. In addition, they have a wonderful covered reception area for dining and dancing. The views are stunning and there are TONS and TONS of areas for photography.

There were two moments in the day that stuck out for me. First was during their First Look. The First Look was set for the upper lawn, just up a set of rocky stairs from the ceremony location. Andrew was all set up, waiting for Margaret. Then we noticed there was a dead raccoon a few feet away in the flower beds. This was a random moment for a wedding photographer Obvi we moved the First Look Location and the grounds crew were able to remove the raccoon. The First Look proceeded on the front lawn instead.

Margaret & Andrew’s Ceremony

Next, the second memorable moment of the day was Margaret+Andrew’s Wedding Ceremony. The Ceremony was also set on the ceremony lawn under an arbor of bright, beautiful flowers. I can’t even describe how wonderful their ceremony was. It was very personal. The officiant clearly had spent a lot of time getting to know Margaret+Andrew. Additionally, she told a beautiful story of how they met, their relationship, getting engaged and how they both feel about being married to each other. So the ceremony was incredibly touching and emotional for everyone, even me.

Finally, the evening wrapped with with French Creek Estates Wedding Catering (always delicious) toasts and dancing into the night.

Also, thank you to Margaret+Andrew for giving me the great pleasure of photographing their French Creek Estates Wedding and to Lloyd Photographers for setting this one up for me.

*Associate Wedding: A wedding I photograph for another photography studio.


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