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Are you following me on Instagram yet? What? Why not?

It’s easy . . . Just follow this link and click “Follow” – Follow Cheryl Ford Photography

I don’t “gram” (is that what the cool kids are saying?) like crazy. You won’t see 20 posts in one day from me, but I’m trying to be a bit more regular with my Instagram Posts. Mostly you’ll see posts about the things I’m most interested in:

  • My dogs, Baxter and Annie. Annie is the Beagle. Baxter is the white fluffy one. You can read more about them here: My Favorite Things
  • My husband and I – selfies every time.
  • Baking –  you should check out some of the cookies I make (and make my sister-in-law, Jaime, make with me).
  • Coffee and wine – I don’t take pics of what I eat much. But I like to show off what I’m drinking.
  • Images from weddings and other photography shoots – only the very, very best make it to Instagram.
  • Vacations – again only a select few!
  • Flowers – love them.
  • Friends – I’m more of the type of person that spends my time with my friends being with them and not taking pictures but occasionally I remember.

So come on and check it out: Instagram: @CherylFordPhoto – see you over there.

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