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One of the best parts about running your own business is that, for the most part, you work whenever you want. One of the worst parts of running your own business is that you end up working all the time. You don’t have any set hours. You work a lot on the weekends and then during the week you just keep working. Sort of feels like you are just working all day every day. So this summer as things are starting to get pretty crazy with my schedule, I am planning my time off – usually a full day – most weeks until things calm down . . . think October. I’ll also have days where I clown around some or meet a friend for coffee or go shopping. But I always end up working too. I have gone through and planned my time off throughout the summer. Some weeks I just can’t do it and some weeks I can. But those days off I am going to treasure.

This past week I spent my full day off going for a beautiful hike up to Rattlesnake Ledge with my friend Tara Brown. And then going for a gigantic breakfast at one of my favorite places in North Bend, Tweed’s. The rest of the day I had a pedicure and did a bit of shopping. My only issue was my very sore and hurting knees from that hike. I am not conditioned for that kind of exercise for sure! I have to schedule this time off or I won’t take it.


+Hike up Rattlesnake Ledge (see above).
+A weekend up at Camano Island with friends. Full of relaxation, laughs, wine, fishing, and good food!
+Meeting new photography friends and getting super excited to second shoot next weekend out in North Bend right at the foot of Mt. Si. Can’t wait!
+Movies with the girls. At Cinebarre. With wine. And Fried Pickles!
+My closet is so clean!


+Hurting knees from hike up Rattlesnake Ledge (see above).
+It hurts me to say it but I saw the movie Aloha with Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams last weekend and it might just be the worst moving I’ve seen in the theater in years. Definitely wasn’t my jam.
+During my de-cluttering (see below), I feel like there is a lot of out place in my house or left to deal with during another phase. Things feel a little cluttery right now, unfortunately.


+The amount of time I spent looking for my own little slice of heaven on Camano Island after spending another wonderful weekend at a friend’s place.
+The amount of clothes and books I got rid of during the first 2 phases of my de-cluttering. If you haven’t already, check out the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. And start your own tidying up.


+I am so grateful for this gorgeous, amazing area I live in where there are mountains and trees for miles and miles.
+Breakfast food. It makes me so happy. Hashbrowns in particular. And eggs. And bacon.
+The soothing sound of Annie’s snoring throughout the day as she sleeps right by my desk. P.S. Annie is a beagle.
+Speaking of Annie, our neighbor called us the other morning saying she saw Annie running up our hill. I didn’t hear the message until 2 hours later. We panicked! Annie is a runner and if she had a 2-hour lead, we’d never see her again. But she was in our backyard sniffing around. I’m grateful for neighbors who care enough to call us even when it wasn’t even our dog.


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