Cheryl’s Round Up 3.2 – Edmonds Beach Low Tide

edmonds beach low tide pilons

The photo above is from a day at the Edmonds Beach at super low tide. You could walk under the ferry dock it was so low. It’s fun to just wander around and take pictures for no particular reason. Just experiment with light, composition, and look at things in new ways. I went with my friend, Tara Brown, and we both only had our macro lenses with us and it was just different to have only one lens and make it work for whatever you wanted to photograph.

The other thing that I’m working on but struggling with lately is getting back into the swing of blogging. I have a blogging calendar for blog posts and ideally I want to get things written ahead of time to some degree and not have it looming over me every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights for those Monday, Wednesday and Friday posts. The reality is that it’s hard to keep up with consistent posts, come up with ideas for posts, do research and write. I’m not whining – just something that is hard to get back into and then get ahead of.


+Starting out the wedding season by second shooting with Cassie Pepper at the Lairmont Manor. What a gorgeous venue. You could shoot there for hours. And it was one of the biggest weddings I’ve worked so far.
+I got to go to my absolutely favorite restaurant, El Gaucho, in Seattle to celebrate my father-in-law’s 70th birthday and my brother-in-law’s 40th birthday. We had a lovely (loud) time and as always the food was amazing. Luckily we had a private room. They wouldn’t have wanted our loudness in their main dining room.
+Participating in a gorgeous Styled Wedding Shoot – originally set at Rattlesnake Lake (I want to shoot an engagement session out there so badly) but ended up at Lincoln Park in Seattle. You can read all about our Wedding Shoot here.
+My friend, Tara Brown, and I took an afternoon and headed down to Edmonds Beach on a day when there was a super low tide. See above.


+Dentist appointment . . . enough said.
+Feeling groggy and tired most of this past week. I hate that feeling.


+Refer to “The Best” #1, oh my heck, I was so sore and tired the next day. All I wanted to do was lay in bed and sleep. It’s amazing how much those first few weddings each season take out of you.
+Refer to “The Best” #3, oh my heck, the weather that night out at Rattlesnake Lake. It was raining cats and dogs, there was lightning and thunder. By the time things got packed up to get out of there we all looked like drowned rats. I ended up having to shoot most of the night barefoot at Lincoln Park because my shoes were soaking wet. To the point where you could HEAR them sloshing.
+My husband generally does the laundry in our house. Real talk because I suck at it. But this week he was out of town for a few days (laundry days) and I did ALL of the laundry for the week . . . and only in 3 days. I felt to triumphant!


+I seriously have the best book club ever. I so enjoy hanging out with those ladies.
+We had a BBQ over the Memorial Day weekend and SO many friends showed up. Originally it was supposed to be like 8 people but it ended up more like 30 people. So fun to spend time with friends and have A LOT of laughs with them. Highlights are my brother-in-law dancing to 70s hits in the house, kids and parents playing soccer in the backyard with a beach ball and the kids jumping over the fence about 100 times to retrieve said beach ball, potato chip surprise (which is just a bowl that contains all of the scraps from the other 6 potato chip bowls sitting around), and recreating some shots I took a few years ago with the couple who posed for me.
+I’ll be heading up to Camano Island this weekend with some of the nicest people who invite us up there to hang out with them. The property is right on the beach, it’s gorgeous and it’s a great place to chill and have a relaxing weekend. Can’t wait.


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