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What to Wear Vol.3 :: Cheryl Ford Photography

What to Wear

Everyone’s favorite question!  ”What should I wear?” is literally the first question people ask me when they schedule engagement photos or a portrait session. I’m sharing some great ideas for what to wear to give you some inspiration for your photo session in a series of blog posts. Check out the previous What to Wear posts:

The following are some great ideas for Spring sessions.

Cascade: Brighter than the other blues and greens I’ve shown, Cascade is optimistic and playful. Soft sand tones as accents allow this special blue/green to shine. Cascade is another wonderful choice for those who aren’t quite sure what color would look best? it won’t let you down! A perfect color to wear for the camera.

what to wear inspiration board green khaki

Provincial Blue:
  This special grey-blue is introverted and complementary to just about anyone lucky enough to be wearing it! Whites and greys are ideal companions to create a complete look. Lovely to look at on camera and versatile for indoors, outdoors, urban, or out in nature, Provincial Blue is a great, low-risk choice for anyone putting together their outfit.

what to wear inspiration board blue and gray


Weekly Roundup 2.14 :: Wedding Veil Photo Shoot

bride reflection mirror lace

Sunday I had this super fun photo shoot with A Princess Bride Couture bridal shop. We hand-picked some beautiful wedding gowns and then paired them up with gorgeous veils to demonstrate what types of veils work and what types of veils don’t work. Ivy, the same model we used for our styled shoot in January, was our beautiful bride and, of course, Hanna Mazur did the hair and makeup because she’s the best!

Chamonix Thurston-Rattue popped in for the shoot and it was the first time I had seen her since September and it was so fun to have her there with us. We even got to surprise Hanna.


+Back in the saddle this week with my girl, Chamonix, who moved back from Hawaii last week. We already hung out at a photo shoot, had tons of tea and started making plans for thePhotoChicks podcast. thePhotoChicks podcast sort of faded over the past 6 months but we’re coming back! Two new episodes are planned for the next 2 weeks and then we’re bringing in a fun new format for some of the episodes I think will be really cool.
+I did not win the March Madness basketball pool this year, but I did come in 4th place and won $55! My chaos theory worked out almost perfectly!


+Allergies – kicking up early this year and causing me itchy eyes and nose! Boo.
+Having to change my passwords EVERYWHERE sucks. Thanks hackers!


+Yes, I bought 4 small individual serving size Haagen Daaz ice cream containers and HID them in the back of our freezer in a paper bag from my kids. Yeah, I did that.
+Three hours of shopping on Monday almost broke my back – I’m such a shopping weenie.


+I’m so grateful for the return of a good friend, Chamonix. I missed her so much, more than I realized. And I’m so incredibly excited about the plans we have in the coming months and year.

<<Modern Elegant Styled Wedding Shoot

Hanna Mazur, Make-Up Artist - April 11, 2014 - 7:47 pm

Aww… thank you love. Breathtaking!!! I am only the best, because of you guys.

Modern Elegant Styled Wedding Photo Shoot

styled wedding photo shoot seattle

This styled wedding photo shoot we did back in January is by FAR my most favorite project I’ve worked on to date. I’m so in love with everything that happened that day. It was perfect. We had everything: a fantastic location, amazing flowers, beautiful design and coordination, stunning cake, beautiful dress, ridiculously gorgeous models, ridonculous rings, jewelry and hair accessories, perfect rentals, Ah-MAZ-ing hair and makeup and a fantastic team rocking it all day to get this done. Thank you to all of the fantastic companies and people who came together to make this happen.

Venue Utina Wardroom
Photographer Cheryl Ford Photography
Makeup/Hair Hanna Mazur Makeup Artist
Wedding Coordinator Prive Events
Videography Rick+Anna Photography
Bridal Gown A Princess Bride
Bakery BAKED.
Accessories Tessa Kim
Paper Goods Chic Ink
Florist July Floral
Rings/Jewelry Sholdt Design
Rentals Pedersen’s Rentals
Models Ivy Anderson & Greg Lengen
Assistant Jaime Fix

I cannot wait to work with you all again!
wedding bouquet and boutonniere with orchidsblack white and gold modern wedding invitationswhite black and green wedding bouquet with orchidswedding invitations with gold glitterwedding invitation modern black and whitewedding place cards white black and gold glittermodern diamond engagement ringwedding shoes and dressdiamond wedding ring orchidwedding tablescape with hydrangeaswedding tables with ghost chairswedding tables with gold charger plates and hydrangea flowersmodern diamond wedding ringshydrangea table runner wedding table settingwhite and gold wedding cake with sugar flowerswhite and gold tiered wedding cakebride and groom posebride and groom modern weddingbride and groom hydrangea flowersbride and groom portraitsromantic bride and groom portraitgroom portraits black suitbridal portrait red hairblack white and gold wedding detailsfashion bridal portrait with white flowerswhite orchid wedding bouquetbride and groom wedding portraits

See some great behind the scenes of this shoot – thanks to Anna Gordon for taking all of this video footage.

<<12 Ways to Have Your Dream Wedding – Part 4 :: Plan Ahead

[…] Modern Elegant Styled Wedding Photo Shoot […]

Jaime - April 9, 2014 - 3:14 pm

These images turned out so, so, so beautiful. Way to kill it!

12 Ways to Have Your Dream Wedding – Part 4 :: Plan Ahead

wedding cake with scrabble letters spelling the word love

Welcome Back to Part 4 of my blog series on 12 Ways to Have Your Dream Wedding. Over the course of these months I will be sharing with you a series of articles to help you have the most amazing day of their life. In case you missed it, you may want to catch up on the past articles:

I’ve written these articles to share with you my perspective on what you can do to have your Dream Wedding. A lot of this is just good old common sense and none of it is that much work. But I promise if you incorporate these ideas into the planning of your wedding day, you will reap the rewards of a beautiful, calm and fun wedding day of your dreams! Trust me.


One of the best ways to add stress to your life is to procrastinate! Think about cramming for a test at the last minute or waiting until the night before to put that presentation together. We have ALL done it and it’s just about the worst feeling. Not the worst-worst, but you know what I mean.

Weddings take a tremendous amount of coordination, communication, and planning. So plan ahead and plan early for best results Typically, I would say 9-12 months is a reasonable amount of time to plan a nice event and not end up pulling your hair out in the process. I’ve seen weddings put together in 2 or 3 months. I’ve seen it . . . But I don’t recommend it! Unless you want those 2 or 3 months to ONLY be about your wedding and literally NOTHING else. Which is not very practical.

You know those timelines for planning your wedding that you can find everywhere? They’re actually super helpful! Don’t be afraid to consult them and take their advice to heart. I’ve included an example below.

In any case, there are a few things you’ll want to book and/or decide first:

  • Wedding Planner – If you’re going to have a planner help with your wedding, find one right away. They can be invaluable to the rest of the process.
  • Venue (ceremony and/or reception) – where are you having your wedding? Do you have something specific in mind? Is it a popular location? Figure this out quickly and book it first. You definitely don’t want to be scrambling for a location at the last minute because everything is booked up.
  • Photographer – photographers often book up to a year or more in advance, particularly for summer weekends and do get fully booked up so plan to do your research and book a photographer early in the process.
  • Dresses – it takes 6 months on average to get a wedding dress once you purchase it (unless you’re buying off the rack or at a sample sale, in which case you have a more limited selection). Plus, you will most likely need some alterations done to the dress which can add weeks to the process. Bonus, this is one of the most fun parts of the process so don’t delay. But I will warn that personally, I wouldn’t buy a dress more than a year in advance of the wedding . . . just in case your taste changes.

And sidebar, my best piece of wedding dress shopping advice is, well there are 2 things really:

  1. Try on different styles of dresses – everything possible really – because dresses look very different on people, very different on different body styles and VERY different on the hanger than on your body. Have an open mind.
  2. Don’t show up to try on wedding dresses with no makeup and your hair in a ratty ponytail. It’s harder to imagine yourself in a wedding dress if the rest of you looks like you just came from the gym.

Those are the main items you’ll want to secure as soon as possible. Then hit the florists, bakeries, graphic designers, rentals, caterers, etc. And don’t leave those to the last minute. Again, you’ll stress yourself out and narrow your choices as vendors get booked up.

Waiting until the last minute or last couple of months before your wedding to get these vendors booked will be a huge drag! It will be frustrating and time-consuming. This is a time that is supposed to be fun. You’re supposed to be having the time of your life, planning the most important day of your life. Don’t manufacture stress by procrastinating or trying to plan a wedding with too short of a lead time.

Here is a good example of a wedding planning timeline. This isn’t an all-encompassing to-do list but hits the high-level items:

9-12 Months Before Your Wedding:

  • Set a date
  • Create a wedding planning notebook
  • Determine your wedding budget
  • Select your wedding attendants
  • Create a guest list
  • Hire a wedding planner
  • Book your venue(s)
  • Purchase your wedding dress and accessories

7-8 Months Before Your Wedding:

  • Book photographer and/or videographer
  • Book entertainment (DJ or band)
  • Select a caterer
  • Reserve hotel for out of town guests
  • Send Save the Date cards
  • Select and order groom and groomsmen attire
  • Book rentals, if needed

5-6 Months Before Your Wedding:

  • Start Wedding Registry
  • Book graphic designer
  • Plan your honeymoon
  • Select bridesmaids dresses
  • Book your florist
  • Book hair and makeup artist(s)

3-4 Months Before Your Wedding:

  • Arrange your wedding day transportation
  • Book rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • Order invitations and/or other stationery
  • Meet with bakery
  • Finalize catering menu
  • Finalize floral design
  • Order favors
  • Choose readings/readers for ceremony
  • Purchase rings
  • Finalize decoration plans

2 Months Before:

  • Check in with all vendors
  • Start playlist and confirm with DJ or band
  • Send invitations (8 weeks before)

1 Month Before Your Wedding:

  • Record RSVPs as they come in
  • Get marriage license
  • Dress fittings
  • Create seating arrangements
  • Purchase attendant gifts

1 Week Before Your Wedding:

  • Confirm all vendors
  • Send timeline to bridal party
  • Pick up dress
  • Break in your shoes
  • Send final count to caterer
  • Pack for honeymoon
  • Relax and have fun!

For more wedding planning tips, check out my Pinterest Board – Weddings :: Planning Tips. I have tons of timelines, tips, and planning ideas for your wedding.

<<Weekly Roundup 2.13 :: College Basketball

[…] 12 Ways to Have Your Dream Wedding – Part 4 :: Plan Ahead […]

Weekly Roundup 2.13 :: College Basketball

collage of iphone photos

We’re college basketball people. If you follow along with Weekly Roundups, you know that we go to Reno every year to watch the first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament. And leading up to that, we watch non-stop college basketball for weeks and months. Lots of college basketball. Enough said. So Friday night, my two teams, Louisville and Virginia were playing. Not against each other but in separate games. And yes, if you want to get technical, I only really like Virginia because their coach (Tony Bennett) is really cute. But whatever, you like teams for your reasons. I’ll like mine for my reasons. Louisville I’ve liked for a number of years because I won money on them a long time ago and latched on. I also like their coach but not in the same way as I like Tony Bennett. My husband knows about all of this. It’s OK. Anyway, they’re playing games Friday night. Both teams. At. The. Same. Time. And they BOTH lost! It was horrible. I was so bummed out. Not only that both my teams lost, but the way they lost just sucked. AND to add insult to injury, had Louisville won, I still would have had a chance to win $450 our basketball bracket pool. Bummer times 10!


+The feeling of having a week where I really got sh*t done. I love that!
+Actually getting to sit down three times to dinner with the family this week was pretty remarkable.
+Survivor this season is crazy – I am loving it. #outofcontrol
+Sean has had a lot of EARLY work conference calls this week. But for me that means that he goes downstairs and gets on his call right away instead of flipping on the lights and making noise. Sleeping is good!


+Using up a whole tank of gas in one week is a bummer. I used to commute ~23 miles each way to work each day – for 14 years I did this. I would have to get gas every 4-5 days. It was horrible. Then I started my photography business, I work at home and went from every 4-5 days to every 2-3 weeks! So awesome. But this week I did a lot of driving! I really don’t like having to gas.
+Working in the wedding industry, you get to see a lot of really pretty, fun wedding stuff. It makes me want to plan a whole new wedding. I’ve already had two for Pete Sakes!


+We had to get up at 7:30 on Sunday morning to get Chase to his indoor soccer game. So uncivilized. We also realized that the kids have a game scheduled on Mother’s Day at 8:00 in the morning in Issaquah which is a 30 minute drive at least from our house. Not cool!


+Having to drive all over Kingdom Come this week has made me so grateful for all those days I work at home and don’t have to commute to work. So much of my life has been wasted sitting in horrible Seattle traffic. I’m so glad I don’t have to do that anymore.
+The sunshine this week has also not been too shabby!

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