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I’m Cheryl Ford and I’m a Seattle Wedding Photographer in and surrounding areas.

How did you get into wedding photography, Cheryl? It's a question I get often. Everyone has their own unique story, don't they? For me . . . well, let's go back to the very beginning. I wasn't born with a camera in my hand. My grandfather wasn't Ansel Adams. But I always liked having a camera and would take photos when I was a kid. And I loved to look at photography. But it didn't come together for me until I was much, much older.

When my kids were young (they're now 19 and 16) and they were playing sports like soccer and baseball, I was frustrated by the limitations of a point and shoot camera. You can't get the shots of the baseball hitting the bat or the great catch in center field. And you definitely aren't going to catch a winning soccer goal. A friend of mine had a base DSLR camera and she told me what to buy. I was hooked. I spent hours and days and weeks learning how to use the camera the right way, understanding the exposure triangle and all about prime lenses v. zoom lenses. After a couple of years, I had developed some skillz (yes, with a z).

I started Cheryl Ford Photography and the rest was history, as they say.

Other than being a Seattle Wedding Photographer, I’m also a wife to my super cute husband, Sean. We met in college and were married (the first time) in 1997 and then again (the second time) in 2011. That's a long story - ask me about it sometime.

We love to spend time with our family & friends. We're big on holidays - Christmas, Thanksgiving and 4th of July but rarely celebrate birthdays, mother's or father's day. Our anniversary however, requires a dinner at El Gaucho in Seattle. Even though I don't eat beef anymore, their food is still delicious and it's where we got married. We also LOVE the Seahawks (season ticket holders for 18 years) and anything University of Washington. And we like to chill out at home, order pizza, open a bottle of wine and watch movies.

I’m a mom to two super cool kids, Brock & Chase. I guess I should call them young men now. They are, after all, 16 and 19. Brock graduated from high school in 2016 and is persuing a career in photography (the apple didn't fall from the tree). Chase is finishing up the last couple years of high school. Both of them are funny, sarcastic, intelligent and kind. 

Last but not least, we have two dogs, Annie & Baxter . . . they are, by far, the best dogs ever. I can't imagine what our lives would be like without them. Baxter says the funniest things (we talk for him) and Annie is the laziest, sassiest beagle around. The two of them hang out with me while I work. They keep me company and make me laugh every day.

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I love tacos. No, like I LOVE tacos. Tacos are my spirit animal. I can't live without them. Everything about tacos is my life. 

If I could live anywhere, it would be Maui. Sean thinks it would be boring, but I'm definitely willing to give it a try. I would love it if my life could run on Island Time.

I'm sort of addicted to lip balm. It used to be Cherry Chapstick. And I still have a lot of those. But I've moved on to the EOS Lip Balm. Right now I love the lip balm from Alba. It smells like pineapple and is really nice - AND the company is certified Crueltry-Free. Win!

Coffee or tea? Both. Sometimes I'm just into coffee. Sometimes I'm just into tea. The rest of the time, I'm into both. 

Girl of the Year 1982 - Highlands Elementary, Renton, Washington. Big achievement.

I am an aspiring vegetarian. I'm not pulling the trigger all at once. I have stopped eating beef and pork. Basically all mammals. I still eat chicken, turkey and fish. But I'm working on it.

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Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

If you're staying more than one night, unpack.

Never lie to your doctor.

Trust your instincts.

Take the high road.

Dream big.

Think before you speak.

Life isn't fair - deal with it.

You only live once - Never skimp on butter!

Do not regret growing older - it's a privilege denied to many.

Bras are not optional.


In the middle of life, love enters . . .
And it becomes a fairytale.